"Health is Wealth"

Health care is amongst one of the largest and most complex issues currently faced by rural India. A prominent reason for the same is the access barriers since healthcare services, centers and camps are often far and inaccessible. Traveling long distances can get extremely cumbersome and tiring for rural residents and often discourage them from completing medical prescriptions and treatment plans, which can be problematic especially for daily medication intake such as blood pressure and diabetes.

Hence, after investigating more about this pertinent issue, our SAATHI team chose to hold a medicine drive on one of our visits since the closest pharmacy was 12 km from the village and was highly inaccessible especially for the sizable elderly population in Kond Village. 

We visited each home during this time and took their doctors’ prescriptions so we could obtain the necessary medications for each of the senior citizens of the village. Each assembled medical package was designed in a way to provide the required prescription for the following 3 months and help the village elders consistently follow their medical requirements. Stressing upon the value of timely and regular medication administration, we successfully distributed 55 personalized medical packages.