Saathi Sports Day

Our Saathi team organized a sports day for the villagers to participate in. It was a fun-filled event where the participants ranged from kids of 6-8 years old to 18-20 years old.

They were all eager to compete with each other and showcase their skillls

We had two main events – a 50m sprint and a relay. The relay was particularly exciting as we included all age groups, starting from the youngest to the oldest. This made it more enjoyable for everyone involved.

 To motivate the participants, we awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals to the winners in each category. This helped boost their confidence and also encouraged them to do better in the future.

Overall, the Saathi sports day was a great success. It brought the villagers together, helped them showcase their athletic abilities, and provided a platform for them to have fun and bond with each other.

It was a memorable experience for all involved, and we hope to continue organizing similar events in the future.