One of the core foundations of good health is Sound Sleep. It is while we sleep that we energize the body, recharge the mind, rest the senses, rejuvenate the muscles & calm the consciousness. Lack of requisite sleep can leave people vulnerable to attention lapses, reduced cognition, delayed reactions, mood shifts and can impair one’s abilities to concentrate, think clearly and process memories.

During our first visit to Kond village we realized that the nights are significantly colder. Having spent a good number of days with the villagers & keeping in mind the lack of basic necessities, including the resources required to keep themselves warm, we only wondered how things would pan out for them in the winters.

We have heard that people succumb to the cold but we feel that it is the absence of adequate clothing that is the root cause. Due to the cold breeze, the bodies shiver the entire night and things only worsen for the old aged. To sleep in such conditions would be a challenge & sound sleep seemed like a distant dream.