Hi! I am Mehek Vora, a 17 year old, from Hill Spring International, Mumbai. In three words I can be described as a patient, pragmatic perfectionist who will never miss an opportunity to doodle on any surface I find. I find myself organized in utmost chaos and will never forgo the opportunity to share my unparalleled enthusiasm for romantic comedies with others. I believe in working efficiently yet with immense diligence, and view every challenge as an opportunity for growth.


I am a committed and dynamic team player who appreciates creativity over customary ideas. I consider myself diplomatic and collaborative, but am never afraid to stand my ground. My copy of the dictionary has no room for fear and lethargy.

My passion lies with teaching, having taught French to the less fortunate at Teach for India for the last 3 years, and having intricately curated a French audio-visual study guide that enables students to expand their learning opportunities; I believe, the smile of an insatiable learner is my only Achilles heel. I have been part of the student council for the last 5 years, and continue to write for my school Newsletter.

As a member/founder of Saathi, I know that being a part of this initiative will truly contribute to my impact as a member of society, as I play my role in creating change and paving the path towards a better future. This initiative goes far beyond a community outreach project, but is rather a platform to connect with a group of individuals, a platform to extend a helping hand to these individuals, knowing that we can impact their lives, and act as the fuel to the rockets I am certain can reach unfathomable heights.

In the true words of Maya Angelo I affirmatively believe it is important to “Not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”


Krishaangh Kumar

Hey, I’m Krishaangh Kumar and am 16 years old. I am in grade 11 at The Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai.

I am zealous about Football, Basketball, Squash and even represented my school in the same. Apart from these sports, I also follow Formula 1 & sometimes Tennis. I am an ardent sportsman and am also passionate about Music as well. I play the Keyboard and have cleared five levels of the Trinity College Course, London.

All play and no work isn’t right, hence I do balance my passion with my Academics. I am a good student & aspire to make my School proud.

I was given an opportunity to add value in the lives of the villagers at Kond Village by way of sharing knowledge. Little did I know that this would be a two way street as the satisfaction & learning I got in return was insightful & a humbling experience.

This made me realize that Acquired Knowledge is not Power but Applied Knowledge is Power.


Hi! I’m Mahika Kanodia, a 17 year old studying at the Aditya Birla World Academy in Mumbai. I would describe myself as passionate, committed, and have good time management skills. I’m highly competitive, and will always give my all, whether it requires me to show up at a football tournament with a fractured leg to cheer for my team or working hard to top my class.

I am a track and field athlete, and hope to make the country proud and compete at a higher level. As sports captain in the student council, I have learnt how to take charge, and you will generally see me at the forefront – for example at the Kala Ghoda Art event where the team I led placed 2nd. Aside from this, I conducted an art and design workshop with younger students, which is a cherished memory to this day. I particularly enjoy spending time with children, and have taken part in community service through various organizations so as to give back to society.

To add to this, I enjoy learning about how the world functions, as I have strong logical reasoning. Hence I thrive in subjects such as economics and business. I am a hardworking and determined member of this team, with creative skills which are an asset to this project. I am extremely grateful to be a part of this team and to have this opportunity to help the Kond Village in any way that I can. This initiative is much more than a passing project for me – it is a way to connect, interact with, and to teach and improve the lives of the villagers.